Fami Health

Your Family’s Health, Our Passion.

At Fami Health, we place the emotional and physical well-being of family as our top priority in whatever we do. Our motivation is driven by passion to give our consumers the best health solution to pursue a good head start in life through stronger body and mind, starting with the gut.

Nurturing by Science.

Gut is often called the ‘second brain’ by many wellness experts. This term underscores the importance of sustaining the intimate relationship between the gut, brain and body. For this reason, we continuously partner the right medical professionals, microbiologists and nutrition experts well known in their respective fields of study in Asia. The development of our products and services are based on the truly remarkable science and findings of a team of scientists who dedicate their lives to inspire people to improve their body and brain health.

Our Product Development Philosophy

 Inspired by human and human compatible scientific know-how, we believe in creating medical-friendly probiotics supplements using scientifically proven ingredients and cutting edge technology. For a safer, more natural alternative to promote human health especially immunity in constant challenges in the environment.