A Better Learning Journey

Post 1000 days of life, your child needs to develop thinking, conceptual and linguistic skills in their growing up years. Also, your child’s immune system affecting the respiratory and gastrointestinal health will be under constant challenges as the exposure to bacteria and viruses will be more frequent in the social and learning environments.

FAMIKID is designed for the immune challenges your kid faces in the environment. FAMIKID enables better gut colonization by using HRBs that are compatible with human body. Formulated with Lactoferrin, FAMIKID may help your kid to fall sick less often and learn better.

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Benefits of FAMIKID 

*As probiotics are not medicines meant for treatment of existing health conditions, please consult your doctor for advice if in doubt.


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GRAS Certified

Clinically Proven

Compatible with human body

When should you take FAMIKID?

Prone to diarrhea, infection, allergies, constipation, common cold, flu, hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) and stomach flu

After course of antibiotics

Supplementation during breastfeeding or after breastfeeding stopped

When entering childcare and widening social circle


ImmuG® stands for ‘Immunity from the Gut’. Each ImmuG® blend comprises of unique strains designed for mothers or children at different life stages. ImmuG® 2 contains HRBs/Lactobacillus strains  (Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Lactobacillus paracasei LPC-37, Bifidobacterium longum BB536, Bifidobacterium breve M16V, 
Bifidobacterium infantis M63) that have been shown clinically to support different aspects of children’s health.

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Lactoferrin is one of the main milk proteins in the breast milk that helps in iron absorption conferring immunity. Lactoferrin when combined with ImmuG® strains forms a total protection system in the gut.   

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Do you know?

What to expect now your kids have reached school going age?

A: The cognitive changes that occur during the first 1000 days of life and the preschool years are dramatic for a child. The nutritional and supplemental supports given during the best period of life now come in handy as the child enters a new phase of life. This is when the child would need to develop thinking, conceptual and linguistic skills. Adapting and establishing control with confidence over the social circle as it expands.

What are the benefits of good health beyond 1000 days of life?

A: Beyond the first 1000 days of life, the environment could still have a profound impact on the physical health, gut health, brain and cognitive development. At this stage, the child respiratory health will also be under constant challenge as bacteria and viruses start to interact with the child more frequently. A good immune system that protects the child inside out would spare the mother a lot of emotional distress and disruption during the growing years of the child.

What is the advice from international institution during parenthood?

A: Besides instilling self-confidence and active engagement, mother should pay more attention to the child’s brain development and cognitive and respiratory health needs. In fact, a good nutritional and supplemental support is more critical than ever to cope with the increasing demands of formal learning, planning and evaluation the child may be subject to.

Who are FAMIKID recommended for?

A: At Fami Health, we understand the stress may have on the emotional well beings of both the mother and child. FAMIKID was developed with the help of microbiologists and nutrition experts with a special focus on the child’s immunity and overall well being in mind. It is the first time a probiotics was developed using the clinically proven active ingredients with focus on gut immunity, respiratory health, brain and cognitive development. Taking care of these three of the most common health needs daily would benefit the mother and child during the child’s great learning journey.

What are the Consumer Benefits?

A: Starting from the age of four to twelve, it is a time when the child moves from home into wider social contexts that strongly influence their development. A good nutritional and supplemental support during these years, helps the child to earn new social status by demonstrating their intellectual, emotional, and interpersonal skills and performance. For this reason, FAMIKID was formulated to boost immune system, brain and respiratory health through proliferation of good bacteria in the gut. Therefore, developing stronger gut health and prevention of onslaught of bad microbes from the environment will keep the child learning capacity in top form and give mother a better peace of mind.

With the child’s gut health in mind, FAMIKID is a first in probiotic with a triple-function formulation designed to boost gut immunity, respiratory health and support brain & cognitive development with the actives that mother nature has given us. This led to development of special blend in ImmuG® combining two families of well researched bacteria known as Human Residential Bifidobacteria (or HRB) and Lactobacilli (with strains Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG and HN001).

The bacteria are selected because they have been proven to be effective and safe for food supplement worldwide with GRAS certification in accordance with USFDA. The much-researched Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG and HN001 strains influence not only the balance of gut flora but also found to be good for the development of immune health. The HRB’s strains BB536 not only known for gut immunity, there are multiple health benefits when combined with other strains together. 

Another major discovery with our panel of gastrointestinal experts in Japan was how a protein in breast milk known as Lactoferrin can help in building up defence mechanism against infection. Probiotics formulated with Lactoferrin is especially helpful for children as well due to the anti-viral, anti-microbial and immunomodulating functions.

In other words, it is two-pronged approach to strengthening immunity from the gut with clear results in terms of reduction of sick days and infection symptoms. Better results and less risks.

The combination of ImmuG® and Lactoferrin now form a comprehensive protection system essential to boosting gut immunity inside out, reduce sick days due to respiratory issue while supporting brain development of the child.

   Giving my kid FAMIKID is one of the best decision I have made for the health benefits and growth development of my kid. My kid now enjoys more fun at school without any interruption by sick days and illnesses as she has better immunity.

Susan Kobayashi, 36, Home Maker