A Better Head Start

FAMITOT is designed to meet the immunomodulation and brain developmental needs of young children aged 0 to 3 years old. The first 1000 days of life represent the most critical period for dietary interventions to improve children’s growth and development. 

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Benefits of FAMITOT 

*As probiotics are not medicines meant for treatment of existing health conditions, please consult your doctor for advice if in doubt.


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GRAS Certified

Clinically Proven

Compatible with human body and breast milk

When should you take FAMITOT?

Prone to diarrhea, infection, abdominal colic, allergies & constipation

After course of antibiotics

Supplementation during breastfeeding or after stop breastfeeding

When entering childcare and widening social circle.


ImmuG® stands for ‘Immunity from the Gut’. Each ImmuG® blend comprises of unique strains designed for mothers or children at different life stages. ImmuG® 2 contains 4 HRBs/Lactobacillus strains  (Bifidobacterium breve M16V, Bifidobacterium infantis M63, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001) that have been shown clinically to support different aspects of toddlers’ health.

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Lactoferrin is one of the main milk proteins in the breast milk that helps in iron absorption conferring immunity. Lactoferrin when combined with ImmuG® strains forms a total protection system in the gut. 

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Do you know?

What to expect now you have become a mother?

A: Becoming a mother can be an exciting time and a life changing experience. Now you have become a mother, your child become your first priority in life. You want to give the child your very best and the experience to enjoy a head start in life. But the child is still growing and in need of all the supports especially health.

What are the benefits to toddlers during 1000 days of life?

A: Toddlers and young children have very different nutritional needs compared with adults. Providing the right nutrients during the first 1000 days of life could have profound impact on the physical health, skin health, brain and cognitive development, immune maturation, development of digestive systems, and development of healthy eating habits of the child.

What is the advice from international institution during parenthood?

A: According to UNICEF, the first 1,000 days of life – the time spanning roughly between conception and one’s second birthday – is a unique period of opportunity when the foundations of optimum health, growth, and neurodevelopment across the lifespan are established.

Who are FAMITOT recommended for?

A: At Fami Health, we share the same view about the value and superiority of breast feeding. Our passion is to find the best health solutions to complement breastfeeding for lactating mothers and toddlers especially those aged 0 to 3 years old. Research efforts with microbiologists and nutrition experts discovered that probiotics could play an important role in building up toddler’s immunity health. FAMITOT was developed to work hand in hand with FAMIMOM. Toddler not only benefit directly with better skin health through consumption of FAMITOT, the gut immunity would also be strengthened through drinking breast milk from the mother.

What are the Consumer Benefits?

The first few months of new born represent a critical period as the baby’s immune system must adapt to many new bacteria in the environment. The presence of new microbes may not be apparent until later stage. Some may manifest itself in the skin health of baby. Therefore, developing stronger intestinal health and prevention of onslaught of new microbes from the environment should be every mom’s first priority during the 1000 days of life.

With the toddlers’ gut health in mind, FAMITOT is a first in probiotic formulation designed with a triple function to boost gut immunity, improve skin health and support brain development with the good bacteria that mother nature has given us. This led to development of special blend in ImmuG® combining two families of well researched bacteria known as Human Residential Bifidobacteria (or HRB) and Lactobacilli such as Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG and HN001. The bacteria are selected because they have been proven to complement breast milk in terms of efficacy and safety. The strains are also widely used by paediatricians1 and infant formulas2 in Japan. The much-researched Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG and HN001 strains influence not only the balance of gut flora but also found to be good for the development of baby’s immune health.

Another major discovery with our panel of gastrointestinal experts in Japan was how a protein in breast milk known as Lactoferrin can help in building up defence mechanism against infection. Probiotics formulated with Lactoferrin is especially helpful for mom-to-be and lactating mothers who often keep a very busy schedule juggling between a full-time job and the family.

The combination of ImmuG® and Lactoferrin now form a comprehensive protection system essential to boosting gut immunity inside out while supporting brain development of toddlers.

Discovering FAMITOT has been a pleasant surprise for me. I have not know that human origin probiotics strains could deliver so many health benefits to my baby. I wish I could have taken FAMIMOM when I was pregnant with my baby too. 

Cordelia Tan, 29,

HR Consultant

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