Japanese Quality and Safety

  • Customer-first production decisions and processes
  • World class standards for food safety and hygiene
  • Total quality management by science and technology
  • Human and environmental friendly, energy efficient production design

Product Development Philosophy

With mothers-to-be, lactating mothers, and children in mind, we believe in providing clinically proven medical supplements that can promote and strengthen our body’s good bacteria. This can essentially fight off common health conditions that most people are susceptible of.

Top-notch Integrated Processes

Quality incoming materials


It is our quality assurance policy to check, document and control all incoming raw materials from sourcing to purchasing. All raw materials must adhere to high quality and safety standards, while ensuring traceability and compliance to regulatory guidelines.   

Gentle and Even Blend


Advanced technology designed for gentle and even blending of all the moisture sensitive materials to control the water activity in the final products. 

Automated Filling


Our production process uses automated filling line to minimize human contact and error, while keeping stringent quality control to ensure precision and low defects in the final products.

Digitalized Warehousing and Logistics

Digitalizes warehousing and logistics processes allow traceability throughout the supply chain, enabling faster response to our customers in line with our customer-first principal.

Quality Assurance by Design

Dust free environment

  • Prevent airborne contamination
  • Air flow directional control in production rooms
  • Air filtration throughout manufacturing facilities
  • Temperature and humidity control

Stringent Quality Control

  • Quality by design processes
  • Microbial and heavy metals testing
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Allergen screening for raw materials
  • Detection of foreign contaminants

International Certifications

  • GMP/JHNFA/FSSC 22000 certified manufacturer
  • Halal
  • USFDA GRAS certified ingredients