DHA is one of the three main omega-3 fatty acids well known for their health benefits. Consumption of DHA is highly recommended worldwide to support brain development especially for pregnant and lactating mothers, infants, as well as children and young adults up to 18 years old.

Increased intake of DHA in the maternal diet corresponds to increased DHA in the breast milk. Hence, supplementing preformed DHA is highly recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers and their children to ensure optimum intake.

FAMIMOM, FAMITOT, FAMIKID all contain the EFSA’s recommended daily intake of DHA for pregnant and lactating mothers plus children, one of the highest recommended amount in the world.

Daily intake recommendations for toddlers / young children in various countries /
Global (FAO): 100 – 150 mg DHA+EPA (2-4 years) / 150-200 mg for 4-6 years)
Europe: 250 mg DHA+EPA (from 2 years+)


High quality DHA extracted from marine fishes and processed in state-of-the-art facilities in Europe.


The safety of FAMIBIOTIC’ DHA powder is comprehensively controlled and traceable from farm to table. Production is carried out under stringent manufacturing standards of GMP and FSSC 22000. Certified laboratories carefully control the quality of the DHA powder based on European food and/or infant food requirements.


Famibiotics’ DHA is produced using special microencapsulation technology that protects this highly sensitive polyunsaturated fatty acid from oxidation. Oxidation happens to the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fats and oils when they are exposed to oxygen. In EPA‐ and DHA‐rich oils, this degradation is most often linked to a fishy taste or odor.

FAMIBIOTICS’ DHA is known to be stable throughout shelf life* with minimal fishy taste for pleasant consumption experience.

*based on supplier’s stability study data