An Advanced Breakthrough in Probiotics Formulation

ImmuG® stands for ‘Immunity from the Gut’ and is an advanced breakthrough in probiotics for gut immunity. Combining best-documented strains (over 1000 research and GRAS certified by US) of Human Residential Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, FAMIBIOTICS’ products are not only effective but also safe.

The HRB and Lactobacillus strains selected under ImmuG® are targeted for a specific health purpose. They are formulated specially to support gut immunity as first priority and the health needs according to the life stages of mother and children.

ImmuG® uses USFDA GRAS certified active ingredients ensuring that the product is safe for consumption. This blend is specially treated in Japan where products do not require refrigeration before consumption.

GRAS Certified

Clinically Proven

Compatible with human body and human milk

Bacteria Strains



  • Longum BB536

    Stimulates Folate Production

  • Breve M16V

    Supports Infant Health

  • Infantis M63

    Supports Gut Health



  • Acidophilus La-14

    Supports Fertility

  • Rhamnosus HN001

    Reduces Eczema

  • Rhamnosus GG

    Reduces Gut Infection

Human-Residential Bacteria (HRB)

Effective. Natural. Resilient.

HRB are THE GOOD microbes found in the human gastrointestinal tract. Due to their health-promoting properties, many of them have been used as active ingredients in functional foods.

They have to be able to cope with various sources of osmotic, oxidative, bile and acid stress during their transit across the gastric barrier and the small intestine